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Back to normality

Not sure if I like this new fabric conditioner the wife’s started using…

Well thank goodness that’s all over! Really couldn’t face another drunken afternoon evening night early morning of frivolity and mayhem in celebration of Her Maj being still alive and kicking. I’m seriously all frivolled out.

But it’s been memorable. I don’t recall where we were ten years ago, for the 50th Jubilee, but I’m sure to remember this one. Is Canada still part of the Commonwealth? Did you raise a glass over there? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not royalist in the slightest, just any excuse for a party and a sing-song.

I’m looking forward to getting back to normal. I’m feeling pretty positive on the music front at the moment, what with all the gigs I’ve played and the positive feedback I’ve received from folk re my own songs. I may have some bookings for Christmas at some big Cheshire country pile through having played the street party in Caldy, which is encouraging. Really need to get the business cards and website sorted and start being a little more proactive. Even just a little bit proactive would be a start – I’m normally pro-inactive.

Mind you, Euro 2012 has just kicked off, so I might get distracted by that depending on how well England do. What would be great is if the weather perked up a bit (well, a lot coz it’s really pretty miserable outside at the moment) and England progressed a bit further than the norm. Remember Euro 96 when we got to the semis? Actually, I’m not sure if I do, but I’m sure I’d have had a smashing time…