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Jubilee jamboree

Down the hatch, bottoms up, chin chin, etc

Well that’s one Jubliee party down, three more to go. Can I last the pace?

Last night’s party at Slinky’s (that’s my local bar, just round the corner on Banks Road) was good fun. I was playing – I’d love to see me play sometime, I believe I can be quite entertaining – and a fair smattering of friends and acquaintances turned up. Of course, Amy invited them all back to ours to carry on the partying. Then snuck off to bed.

Due to head off for Jubilee party number two soon. Should have been a garden party, but I’m afraid the weather’s taken a turn for the worse: summer’s over, winter’s back. It’s cold and wet out there. Pack the shorts away, break out the long pants.

Hope it brightens up tomorrow – I’m due to play at another party, for my friend Rachel and her neighbours, on the green on their street. I think they’ll have some kind of marquee to keep me dry, but I guess if it’s lashing it down we’ll have to have a rethink.

You’ll have noticed a distinct lack of humour in this blog, I’m too jaded to try to be funny.

Well, better go put my party frock on…