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Rock n Roll

Just chillin’.

It’s 9 o’clock, Tuesday morning, and I’ve already

  • been out before the newspaper deliveries to take pictures of the deserted streets of West Kirby (for a video I intend to make for my Bruce Springsteen homage One Horse Town)
  • had fresh coffee and Cheerios for my breakfast while reading the day’s news in the free Metro newspaper
  • checked my emails on Yahoo and Google, read about Fernando Torres‘s annus horribilis on the Guardian website and responded to notifications on Facebook
  • made Amy her ham and pickle sandwiches
  • made pizza dough (as a special treat for the wife tonight)
  • been to Morrisons supermarket for tomato purée, tinned pineapple and grated mozzarella (for the pizza topping)
  • walked to Newton to pick up my car (we had dinner last night round at my friend Ehab’s – coincidentally, he’s the guy who runs the local pizza takeaway: he’s not getting my business tonight)
  • been to Lunt’s the greengrocer for tomatoes (for the homemade pizza sauce), red onions and green peppers (for the pizza topping)
  • updated the blog I write with my friend Leo (who lives half a world apart in Canada)

Such is the life of a would-be singer/songwriter living in suburbia.

Rock n roll eh?