This is not the real Leo and Gary. Leo has a lot more hair, and Gary is a lot less grey. Other than that, the resemblance is uncanny.

For a brief period of time (measured in days rather than years) Gary and Leo were best friends at school (though Leo was blissfully unaware of the fact). They left school and went their separate ways, Leo joining The Force (he always had his Dark Side) and Gary joining a rock band (and the nearest dole queue).

Many years later, the two friends were briefly reunited (by Friends Reunited, funnily enough), before being cruelly separated once again by fate and a one-way ticket to British Columbia.

But neither time nor distance can keep them apart! They are back together again (in a purely platonic manner, you understand: they’re both happily married. To women.) bawdily bantering on the blog they call Half A World Apart.


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